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Super Starship 3: The SETI Missions

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All new expansive galaxy with one million stars and 6 million planets!

SETI has discovered signals from extraterrestrial intelligent life. Your mission, as starship captain, is to find the source of these signals. Galactic Command has located the quadrant and sector of the source of the signals but not the star system or planet. Plot a course to the quadrant and sector and explore the star systems and scan the planets to locate the signals.

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Super Starship 2

A game of exploration and discovery with over 900,000 star systems and more than 4 million planets!

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Super Starship is a game of discovery with a MASSIVE persistent universe to explore. Your mission is to roam the galaxy of almost 1,000,000 stars and find habitable planets. Each star in the game is a unique solar system with up to 10 planets. In total, there are more than 4 million planets to explore. As a starship captain you are given command of your own ship and can fly anywhere you want. The game is full 3D and the planets are HUGE (in real scale the size of planet Earth). Fly down to the planet surface and scan for life forms and for habitable environments.

Multiple Game Center leaderboards.

Each star you claim or planet you discover is stored on a server and remembered. They are yours forever. You will also see stars and planets discovered by other players as well. Use the STAR LIBRARY to plot a course to any star.

Planets have beacons. Collect the beacons by flying through their beams. Beacons reward the player with points, credits, fuel, minerals and sometimes a mission (side quest).

Upgrade your ship by visiting starbases. Earn credits by scanning planets and collecting beacons and use credits to upgrade ship capabilities.

Starbases that you own make profits everytime a transaction occurs on it, such as when another player upgrades their ship or uploads their scanned planet data. Visit the starbases to collect the profits and earn more credits.



This game is powered by Unity and the Space Graphics Toolkit

Super Starship 2 uses the following Space Graphics Toolkit technologies:

SGT_StarfieldCustom - when traveling the universe of 900,000 stars I create 9 starfields, each with 100,000 stars. The starfields are generated using a seeded random number generator so they are identical for every player. SGT_StarfieldCustom allows me to get the positions of each star so that I can tag it with a unique ID and also show who owns it.

SGT_StarfieldInfinite - when tarveling the universe I use an infinite starfield effect to simulate fast motion.

SGT_FloatingObject - Super Starship 2's universe is massive so I needed a way to handle astronomical (billions of kilometers) distances. SGT_FloatingObject and SGT_FloatingCamera is the solution.

SGT_TerrainPlanet - planets are huge (6,371,000m radius) and have detailed terrains. You can fly from space to planet surface seamlessly using this technology. All planets are based on the Obsidian planet demo except the texture, normal and heightmap change depending on planet type (tropical, frozen, lava, etc). I also tweak and adjust the values of SGT_TerrainSimplex to give planet surfaces some variety.

SGT_Flare - the sun at the center of the solar system is a giant flare with a radius of 10,000,000 units. It can be seen from the far edges of the solar system (billions of kilometers away).

SGT_Light - all SGT lighting effects (atmosphere, planet surface) require a SGT_Light light source. This script is placed on a Unity point light with a range of 10,000,000,000 so it can light up the farthest planets in the solar system.

SGT_Backdrop - when exploring a solar system I use SGT_Backdrop to generate a starfield and clouds in the background. This in addition to the skybox gives a nice deep space style background.

SGT_Belt - when exploring a solar system the center sun is surrounded by a giant asteroid belt. The belt has an inner radius of 10,000,000 units and an outer radius of 50,000,000 units with a thickness of 2,000,000 units. Asteroid radiuses range from 150,000 to 300,000. At this size the belt can be seen from very far away.

Super Starship communicates with a MySQL database via PHP and REST API to report star and planet discoveries. Each discovery is remembered and recalled from the database as needed to show who owns a star or planet. When a captain claims a star or planet it is theirs forever.

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